Sunday, 24 August 2008

For Jasmine, my Best Friend

Happy Belated Birthday JASmine!

It was Jasmine's birthday last Sunday and found out she didn't end her special day with a birthday cake. I told her I will bake her 1, post it on the blog but I will have to eat it for her...hehe. Do you like it Jas? It's vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing. It's my first time trying to decorate + playing with icing. I'm quite satisfied with the result.

JASMINE, my best friend. I knew her during my 2nd year of polytechnic. 1997-2008 WOW 11 years!! She's now happily married and a mother of cute, lovely boy, Jarrett (my god-son).

Our friendship really comes a long way. We spend a lot of time together studying, attending classes, having lunch, going for swim at break time during poly. After graduating, both of us started hunting our individual path. We started to minimise our contact. It got worst when I flew over to down under for my degree. BUT we manage to turn our friendship round after I got back to Singapore. Although both of us were busy with work and dating, we still manage to meet up regularly for makan, chit chat, gossip, pedicure, shopping, gym session. (I just realise we never being to a movie together....guess coz we can't talk in a cinema = waste time...haha) All those session build our friendship to a higher level and definitely make our friendship really strong.

Even though I'm now so far away, without makan, chit chat, gossip, pedicure, shopping, gym session. We now have blog, emails to keep our friendship going. We are there for each other when it's require. We listen to each other complain, advise each other and gossip. We almost email each other everyday. Sometimes a few emails back and fro in 1 day! Yes, I admit we talk a lot. But that's how we keep our friendship stronger and stronger.

Jas >> we will continue to build this friendship stronger okie?


Pebble Darling & Yuki Baby said...

yio! woman! make sure you make me those again when you return. Just the pic is not enough..hehheehee

Yea, I am having a great friendship with you. Thanks for standing by me all this time to keep my sanity going. Without you, I think I'll go bonkers...hahahaa

We are looking forward to taste all your good food there!! Keep it going gal!!

Love ya lots!! Muaks!!!

cltyw said...

haha....make you cupcakes in singapore??? i'm scare that the icing doen't harden! heard about baker having problems because of the weather.

you lend your ears to me and i lead you mine. that's what buddy do isn't it??

LOVE YOU TOO!! *mooch*