Sunday, 10 August 2008

St Kilda Galleon Cafe

It's already after midnight and I'm still awake, very unlike me. I'm actually pretty tired but my brain is not switching off! I did go to bed but spend all the time forcing myself to sleep and obviously it's not working at all. Is it because of the coffee I had or I'm alone?

Since I can't sleep, I decided to blog about a breakky experience we had recently.

CL suggested to have breakky at St Kilda and I chose Gallen Cafe St Kilda. It's listed as Top 20 Melbourne breakky on The Breakfast Blog. This is the 2nd Cafe on the list we tried. The 1st cafe we tried was Filter at Fitzroy which is just round the corner where we stay (hmm...that remind me that I haven't blog about it yet).

Gallen Cafe is actually right round the corner of St Kilda Beach. Honestly I never notice this cafe before. I even told CL that I doubt I will actually step into this cafe if I walk pass. Coz I won't bother to find out what they serve and I will never imagine that it serve such nice Breakky!! Lesson learn....never ever judge the book by it's cover.

The layout of the cafe looks messy. Tables and chairs are make up of what the owner can get their hands on and still in working condition.

They seem to be having a lot of special for the day and you won't have trouble finding what you like. In fact, one will have problem deciding what to order. There are light and healthy breakky meal which consist of porridge, yogurt to chose. Or baked items like scones(I saw pumkin scone on special), muffins etc. Or a hearty breakky which both of us went for.

We started the breakky with a nice, strong mocha each. The mocha serving is huge. Unlike some cafe which I hope for a mug size when the coffee arrive.

As for the *star*, CL had their big breakfast with additional order of hashbrown. When it arrive, both of us were shocked. The serving was really huge. Don't believe me? See it for yourself.

It consists of 2 slices of toast, 2 poached eggs, bacons, spinach, tomato and mushrooms.

I love their toast. It's not cheap white bread but multi-grain bread. CL love their mushroom and hash brown. The hash brown is actually made from sweet potato. He initially though the orange strands in the hash brown is carrot. He was a bit surprise when he found out they are actually sweet potato. For someone who hate sweet potato and fall in love with this, the chef definitly done a great job.

As for me, I had sweet-potato, basil and fetta hash browns with spinach, poached egg, and house-made relish. The toast in the picture actually is from CL.

I can't really tell what is the vegetable that is used to make this relish. It look like onion. It taste really strange but I won't say the taste sucks. But I personally don't really like it. Think it's my 1st time tasting relish. Therefore don't really know what to expect.

This place is definitly a keeper. Staffs are very friendly too! Plus I notice it's a cafe which the local visit and they seem to have a lot of loyal customers.

Me with my new hairstyle in Galleon Cafe. Nice? Do I look younger?

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