Friday, 8 August 2008

Amazing Ice Cream

We had the most amazing ice cream at Kuranda during our trip at Cairns. We were told not to miss trying the ice cream by the bus driver and I'm so glad that we remembered!

Me buying the 1st ice cream. CL and me shared a Mint Chocolate Chip. Mummy and Daddy had errrrrr...seriously can't remember!!!
The seller was really cute! He actually asked where I am from and when he found out that I'm staying in Collingwood. He told me not to support Magpie but the team from Brisbane. Hahaha.

After the 1st cone, we went back for 2nd!

This time was CL who's in charge. We bough 2 cones of passionfruit to share.

Passionfruit Ice Cream

Although there isn't much choices to chose from but we already had a hard time deciding. The ice cream is full of favour, sweetness is just right. The amazing thing is you don't actually feel thirsty after having it. Daddy and Mummy who isn't really into ice cream because they find them too sweet and thristy after having them LOVE IT! All 4 of us just can't stop licking.

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