Thursday, 8 November 2007

Ready! Get Set! GOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Just as I thought we are all ready to go, I remembered we miss out 1 of the most important documet! Without them, we CAN'T dive!!!!!!!!
That's our Dive Log Book and our Diving Certificate!!!!

Manage to do most of the packing last night. Packing was suppose to be done on Tue during Melbourne Cup Day but we went sailing instead.....hehehe. Excuse given "a warm-up for me before all the boat trip in Fiji". I don't wish to go for a slimming programm again (I'm tend to suffer sea-sickness *-*). It's a good sailing trip! Weather was fantastic! Took some nice photos with the captain + deckmen, will post it when I get back from Fiji....hehe. Can't expect me to do it tonight as I have a freaking early flight to catch tomorrow!

I will be back in Melbourne on Thursday, 15th Nov. So that also mean my next entry will be earliest on Sat, 17th Nov.

C U Folks!

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