Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Close 1/4 hospital?

It's on The Age : Nurses to Close One Quater of Beds from tomorrow 7am in Victoria Public Hospital. It is going to happen?

No Nurses = No Bed = No Patients

Feel that Hubby is going to love it and hate it.

Pro: - ANF win this war, more pay!
- Union is really protecting its member.....fighting for the best for them

Con: - who is going to take care of the patients???

Hmm.....does it mean I won't have to sleep alone for the next 3 nights?

This is something which will NEVER happen in Singapore!!!


The Gals: said...

wow! there's such thing happening there?!?!
1/4 beds..it took me quite awhile to understand what it means...close the bed so lesser work for nurses? really works?! =\

cltyw said...

yup! the Vic police are oso negotiating with the government about their pay raise...guess if it doesn't work out, police is the next to start on strike...fireman are oso in progress with requesting higher pay.
1/4 bed = every 4 beds, 1 will be close. as for nurses going to work? me not sure, 1st time nurses strike since i came....have to see what happen when CL report for work tonight. Dun think ICU will be affected but their patients will have problem getting transfer into normal ward when their condition stable
as for whether is works...will have to c the result

The Gals: said...

oic..wah...so many strikes..
their pay better than us..if they work here, everyday also will have strike..hahaha

cltyw said...

they are fighting for their rights! Vic nurses, policemen, firefighters are the lowest paid in the whole of Australia. Vic is not the lowest living standard state. Feel that there is nothing wrong for a higher pay as their jobs are not easy! Plus they are also fighting for their kids!
3000 nurses actually attended the meeting yesterday held by the Nursing Union, they might now face unpaid leave for 4 hours or fine up to $6000 for missing at work. This has been inform to them before they went for the meeting but they didn't care.
I seriously dun think Singaporean will not do as what they did!

The Gals: said...

so they skip work, did your hubby also?

cltyw said...

nope...he didn't skip work coz he's having his day off