Saturday, 6 October 2007


Last night me and hubby went to have a really nice dinner at The Brasserier located at Crowns. It was such a wonderful dining experience!!!
It was my 1st time dining at The Brasserier but I had heard/read a lot of positive comments about the restaurant from hubby and also the blogs I read. We had tried to dine there last year and because it was Sat evening and we didn't make any reservation, they couldn't squeeze us in. But last night we were lucky! We didn't make any reservation either but manage to get a table for two at the 2nd level. Maybe because we were pretty early.
We started with warm bread roll dip with oilve oil and dukkah. I love warm bread....hehe
I decided to have a glass of wine recommanded by the friendly, detailed waiter. The wine was really smooth, rather light + spicy. I love it! Hubby had a lemon lime bitter...hmmmm dun think he knows it is an alcoholic drink but seem like he enjoy the drink a lot.

Hubby and his lemon lime bitter

Our Entrées

I had Prawn fritters in a crispy pastry brick papillote, served with tomato and capsicum chutney and cos lettuce

Hubby had The Brasserie's assorted duck charcuterie, toasted sourdough

Main Meal

I had today special Mussel in soup

He had Traditional topside wagyu steak tartare, French fries

I was very interested to try their dessert. Can't consider a full dinner without ending it with a dessert. But hubby was too full and I decided to give it a skip since I will be eating alone. I will definitly go back and try their dessert. :)

Both of us love the dishes we ordered! It's delicious, worth the price, excellent service and a great environment. We had our dinner from 6.30p.m. till 8.00p.m.

As we were very full after such a nice meal, I suggested to do some shopping to help in our digestion. But that didn't help hubby's wallet. I burn a big hole in his wallet instead by purchasing a dress and a overall(no idea exactly what it should be call) from French Connection. If it wasn't on discount, I won't purchase the 2 pieces. It too expensive.
What do you think? Cute? Still have to hunt for a belt to go with it.

p.s sorry for the poor resoultion image on the food photos. It was taken using hubby Nokia phone N80


Wondering Wanderer said...

hmmmm yummy...... looks good, so good you can even smell it from the screen.
post more mel food photos.....

cltyw said...

haha...u mean Brasserier restaurant or Liz restaurant??? Haha

The Gals: said...

hey charbor! i like the way u dress your black dress with that belt!
as for the other flowery dress get a huge black belt to go with it!
The food looks so yummy!!!

cltyw said...

thanks!.....dun plan to buy any belt to go with the black peice but do need a belt either in white/black to go with the dress.
the food is really good....both of us enjoy it a lot. dun find it too expensive too but can't have it quite often.hehe