Thursday, 18 October 2007

After 2 oversea calls

I'm alone at home again. Hubby is on his 2nd day night shift tonight, another 1 more night to go before it break the silent night. I do feel lonely when he is on night shift especially during the weekend as he will be spending the day sleeping and night working. As for me, laze around and try not to wake him up and whip up a nice meal to fill his tummy before he start work. I sort of like the freedom I have but at the same time dislike it too. Woman are so hard to please right? (Bet hubby is going to raise both hand and agree on that) Can't complain much coz he is providing food on the table.

I just tried making Konnyaku Jelly with Longan and Pineapple. 1st time making it, not very sure what hubby will think of it. Passing some to Lynn tomorrow with the chilli paste I make. I will need to find out any improvement I need to make on them. Is it too sweet????

Since hubby was working during last weekend, I had quite a lot of spare time and tried making Chilli Paste. It took me almost an hour in front of the stove frying the chilli with low heat and also took me 2 oversea phone call to seek help from my shi fu (teacher, who else but my dearest Mum) End product is super spicy chilli. :)

Before I end with more food photos, I better jot in down before I forgot. Hubby and me went for a nice Japanese dinner on Tue. Photos are in his hp. I will have to upload them and review it on the next entry.
Below are some food photos which I cook for the last few weeks

Stew Pork with Mushroom and Taro

Beef Meatball

Green Tea Ice Cream for myself!!


The Gals: said...

yio! the stew pork with mushroom & taro looks yummy!!!
Hope to get to taste it too..hehehe

how did u make that ice-cream?

cltyw said...

saw the packet beside the ice cream photo? I use that to make the ice cream. Just need to add milk, whisk and freeze. It's easy!

CrazyLynn said...

the chilli and jelly both very yummy!!! thanx

cltyw said...

lynn >> no worries...most important is you and peter enjoy it!